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High Speed Welding T Tops aren’t like cheesy bolt together T Tops you can buy at marine retail stores. After about a year those tops will start to corrode and the bolts will loosen. A bolt together T Top that comes with adjustable components that slide within one another will eventually churn out a fine dust.   That dust will drip onto your deck and cause a mess.  Always remember that when it comes to boat T Tops, you usually get what you pay for.

Our T Tops are made to order and custom built for each boat.  When building a custom T Top, we take into consideration several qualities.  The two most important are function and style.  We understand that customers want a great looking T Top for their boat that is also functional.  That’s why we take extra time and consideration by making them 1 at a time.  The style of the top is gained when it’s designed to look good.  We accomplish that goal by curving all of the pipes.  Our T Tops are

With a High Speed Welding T Top, we can make your boat look like it’s moving even when it is sitting still.  With our dedication to quality, function, and style, we’ve caught the attention of some large boat manufacturers.  We proudly supply T Tops to both Parker Marine and Bulls Bay Boats.  Parker Marine Enterprises, Inc. of Beaufort, NC is the manufacturer of exceptional center consoles, bay boats and sport cabin boats.  Bull’s Bay is a classic low country shallow water bay between Georgetown and Charleston, S.C., and the new Bull’s Bay lineup of boats from Carolina Composites is just that… Classic.

Our fabricators decide which canvas size is appropriate for each boat as the T Top is being fabricated.   Our standard T Top sizes are 60″x85″ or 66″x96″ single ring top.  Pricing for a custom T Top, sunbrella canvas, 4 rod holders, 4 deck mounts, 4 console mounts, 2 locations for antenna brackets, and a (wired) anchor light for $2900. Marine radio boxes, additional rod holders, grab rails, spreader lights, outrigger mounts, and other custom modifications can be added.

Available Accessories

Custom Boat T Top $2,900                                    Taco Outriggers w/ 15′ Poles $1,950

Marine Radio Box $400                                          3-piece Curtains $1500

Life Jacket Storage $300                                        Powder Coating $650

Ridgid LED Spreader Light $120                          Breakaway Assembly $400

Overhead LED Light $150                                      Welded Outrigger Plates $250

Side Bar Grab Rails $150                                        Custom Fabrication $90/ hr

Additional Tulip Rod Holder $50

“Strongest Built….Best T-Top On The Market”


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